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The unique approach of introducing children via entertaining educational fairytales to the world of Nature's Gifts - Healthy Food - is found to be the most successful, easiest and proven to be very effective by parents from all over the world. Now this project has stepped ahead - its heroes came alive online: vegetables are represented as animated funny creatures who can talk, smile, read poetry and win the hearts of young readers. Read 'How our amusing vegetables teach kids to ...' >>
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Educational Project on Healthy Food for kids: Books on Fruits, Berries, Tea, Honey, Chocolate, Cereals, Herbs & Vegetables with healthy recipes

Since 1999  books on Fruits and Vegetables for kids with Healthy Recipes  were published and distributed in USA, UK, RSA, Russia, Holland and India. The well-deserved popularity of this unique approach to healthy diet is growing ...

Vegetables for children
Fruits for kids is 1st part of Educational Project on Healthy Food for children. To meet fruits from entertaining tales, to learn secrets of healthy benefits of fruits and berries - visit website Fruit Rhymes or
Fruits for kids

Beetroot with apple

- 1 beetroot
- 2 apples
- 100g cheese
- 200g sour cream
- herbs, sugar or honey to taste

Grate the carrot. Mix all the ingredients together. Mould into a flat layer 2cm thick and brush with vegetable oil. Sprinkle on the orange zest and bake for an hour in a warm oven.

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menu with vegetables

Healing Qualities of Beetroots: story, rhymes


In an underground cellar, in three comfortable compartments, lived three beetroot sisters: Feeding Beet, Edible Beetroot and Sugar Beet. One day some people came, loaded all the sugar beet into a basket and took it away. Only one beetroot remained, accidentally forgotten in a corner. She rushed over to her sisters and said:

‘You see, they've taken all of my kind: people need sugar beet more than anything else because they make sweet sugar from it.'

‘Sugar Beet, don't think that you're the only one that people need. Without me, there would be no borsch (beetroot soup) or beetroot salad,' Edible Beetroot replied.

Funny beetroot for kids‘I am no less useful than either of you,' Feeding Beetroot said in a hurt voice. ‘Even though I am not as sweet as Sugar Beet or as tender as Edible Beetroot, I am a lot bigger than you both. In winter, cows would not give humans milk to drink if it wasn't for me.'

The sisters were about to start squabbling, but at that moment, the Earth Fairy peeked into the cellar to have a look at the vegetables which she had helped to create. The fairy heard the three sisters arguing and said:

‘Dear sisters, I'll turn you into girls and transport you to a time when beetroots did not yet grow. Then we'll see which of you people like best.'

The Earth Fairy touched each of the sisters with her magic wand, and at that moment, they turned into three girls. The oldest and tallest sister was wearing simple peasant clothing. The middle sister, who was plump and rosy-cheeked, had on a maroon tunic and a green cape. The youngest sister, who was also the fattest and had a face as white as sugar, was dressed in a maroon silk skirt and a short, white fur coat.

The three sisters set off together and ended up on a farm. The oldest sister was chosen to work in the farmyard, the middle sister started work as a cook and the youngest one looked after the farmer's children.

The oldest sister fed the cows with feeding beet. They gobbled up two large beets a day each, accompanied by a bale of straw, and produced rivers of milk. The chickens also tucked into the beets; they pushed and shoved each other to get to the beets and furiously pecked out their juicy flesh. In the winter the farmyard geese became ill because they had no fresh vegetables, but as soon as chopped beet was added to their feed, they started to get better.

The farmer said to the girl in delight:
‘You, girl, have magic hands. In the past, we never got enough milk during winter. Now we have plenty of milk, cream and eggs.'

‘My helper is responsible for these miracles,' the girl replied, and showed the farmer the huge, rough root vegetables.

The farmer was overjoyed and decided to pay particular attention to the field in which the feeding beet grew the next year.

The new cook was also very popular. Her fragrant beetroot soup and vitamin-packed beetroot salad were so delicious that she made them every day. The farmer's wife, a plump lady, often complained of headaches. One day she could not move from the pain. The cook brought her a glass of beetroot juice with honey, and gradually the pain went away.

‘What is that miraculous juice?' the farmer's wife asked the girl.

‘It's juice made from edible beetroot. Overweight people need to eat boiled beetroot more often. It makes the heart vessels, intestines and liver more healthy,' the girl explained. The farmer heard this and decided to start growing beetroots in the vegetable garden.

The children liked the youngest beetroot sister most of all. The farmer's wife noticed that when the children obeyed the new nanny, they were rewarded with little white cubes. So she asked :
‘ What is it that you r re feeding the children ?'

‘I'm giving them sugar lumps,' the girl replied. ‘You don't give them honey very often, and children like to eat sweet things.'

‘Where are you getting the money from for the sugar?' the farmer's wife said in surprise. At that time, sugar was brought in from faraway lands, and was very expensive.

‘I don't have any money, I made the sugar myself from sugar beets. Try it, it's just as good as foreign sugar,' the girl said, offering the farmer's wife a piece.

The farmer's wife tried it and said to her husband:
‘Let's plant a field of sugar beet and then we can extract the sugar from it.'

At first the farmer wasn't sure, but after he drunk some tea with sugar from a sugar beet, he agreed straight away. What surprised the farmer most of all was the fact that beetroots were not afraid of different seasons. As spring approached, the carrot and the turnip became soft and the cabbage withered, but the beetroot remained fresh.

So the sisters beetroots never did decide who was the most important, because people liked them all, and they are still eaten in their different ways to this very day.


Activities on Story about Beetroots

  • What beetroot dishes are prepared in your family?
  • Which of the three sisters Beets do you like the most, and why?
  • What did you find out about the three types of beetroot from this story?
  • Who in your family needs beetroot the most?
  • Draw the three Sisters Beetroots and talk about how they helped people with the aid of their beetroots.
  • Tell a story about how the beetroot sisters invited you to a beetroot feast.

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